Hassle-free compliance solutions for SMBs to meet today’s increasing regulatory demands

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Today’s small and medium-sized businesses need effective consultation, governance, and up-to-date technologies in order to maintain an effective compliance program. Surely, you do not want to be caught out of compliance and have to pay hefty fines or suffer from damaged reputation. Requirements like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standards can be complex and difficult to meet — but fortunately, Strategic Support makes it easy for you.
Our compliance experts will help protect your business by helping you make smart decisions regarding compliance and the technology needed to achieve it. From effectively setting up workflows to proactive monitoring, we’ll ensure your data security is up to government regulations at all times.

Strategic Support Systems, Inc. will help you understand how to meet the various regulatory requirements of your industry with:

Then, we can assist you on an ongoing basis, providing:

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