If you are planning an office move in or to North Texas, have you considered all the IT issues related to an office move? Proper planning and an experienced team are necessary to avoid chaos and insure post move productivity.

  • Site Planning
  • Structured Wiring
  • Internet Service
  • Phone System / Phone Service
  • IT Move Project Management
  • Systems Deinstallation/Reinstallation

As you may imagine, there is more involved than simply disconnecting and reconnecting workstations and servers, and then turning on the power after the move.  A well-planned IT relocation makes the difference between being fully operational and fully productive on the morning after your move versus having chaos, angry customers, and frustrated staff, resulting in downtime and lost revenue.  In an ideal world, your employees should be able to resume business after the move in the new office exactly the way they were functioning the day before the move (in fact, even more productively!)

Strategic Support is an expert in planning all areas related to IT associated with an office relocation.  Here are some of the IT issues to consider, before you unplug your first workstation, to make that idea a reality:

  • Plan the design of the new space taking into account the infrastructure required to support your IT
  • Design and Install all network, phone and AV cabling.
  • Choose an internet service provider and, if necessary, order your internet circuits with a block of multiple static IP addresses (We will help you with design, price bidding, quote analysis, installation and timing, and cancellation of your old service)
  • Consider how your telephone system will get dial tone service: We provide standard phone service (POTS), PRI phone system service, and VOIP Phone Systems
  • Take an inventory of IT equipment that’s going to be moved and assign move responsibilities to each
  • Arrange for Strategic Support to disconnect and reassemble servers, network devices and workstations
  • Back-up your old system, test the back-up and move the backup separately from the rest of the equipment.
  • Determine if you are moving or replacing equipment
  • Have a contingency plan

With Strategic Support you get a dedicated project manager who will serve as your advocate regarding your IT, consulting with the contractors and asking the right questions to make sure the contractors are doing the right thing before the work is done.  We’ll make sure all of the building trades are aligned with best practices from an IT standpoint, making sure that you have appropriate layout, power and cooling.  In accordance with Strategic Support standards, we will run the cabling in a manner that is orderly and neat, and we will label all of the cables and connections to facilitate problem diagnostics and service if you encounter IT related issues in the future.

What makes Strategic Support qualified to manage your infrastructure move and set up the IT in your new office?

  • We have over 28 years of experience serving the IT consulting, service, and support needs of our clients
  • We have significant knowledge of all the major Internet providers in the North Texas area and can determine who is best for your location based on experience.
  • We work throughout the night on the weekend of the move to make sure your business is up and running on Monday
  • We have a strong Project Management background
  • We do our homework when it comes to recommending vendors and solutions

Strategic Support offers complete Office IT Relocation Services in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and the complete North Texas area to give you peace of mind during the move – so that your employees can leave work at the close of business at your old office, arrive at work at the new location, and be fully productive and frustration free on the first day following the move.